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Flu vaccinations


Pharmacists can provide flu vaccines for people age 13 years and over. Free for people age 65+, Maori or Pacific Islanders 55 years+ & pregnant women and people with certain chronic medical conditions. Workplace vaccinations are available, please contact us.

Normal wait time after vaccination is 20 minutes in case of a rare allergic reaction.

However  if you meet all these criteria, you may only stay for 5 minutes.

1. Do not have a history of severe allergic reactions

2. Have been assessed for any immediate post vaccination adverse reactions ( 5 minutes )

3. Are aware of when they need to and how to seek post-vaccination advice ( call healthline 0800 611 116 )

4. Will have another adolescent or adult with them for the first 20 minutes post-vaccination.

5. Have the ability to contact emergency services if required.

6. Must not drive, scoot, skate, ride a bike or operate machinery within 20 minutes of vaccination.

If eligible, you may have covid vaccine and flu vaccine administered at the same time (using different arms). Please book this via

For 65 years and up, we have the funded standard flu vaccine and the non funded FLUAD QUAD.

FLUAD Quad is the only NZ flu vaccine with an adjuvant, which helps your body produce more antibodies against the flu viruses.

This provides better and longer lasting protection. This is only available for 65 years and up and you must request it at the time of your vaccination. This is not funded, so there is a cost.

Walk ins may be possible but are not guaranteed as bookings are prioritised.

Phone 478 4863 ext1  to book

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