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Medical Compression Stockings

We are experienced in recommending the right type of stocking based on measurements that we take. If you have swelling, measurements need to be taken first thing in the morning. We have an extensive  range of graduated medical compression stockings. These may aid your circulation, help reduce and prevent swelling and may improve performance. When used for travel, may help reduce Deep Vein Thrombosis (travellers clot). Helps the calf muscle to pump the circulation back towards the heart. May help to relieve heavy, aching tired feeling due to varicose veins. Don’t settle for cheaper imitations. 

Life Pharmacy Johnsonville

We understand the importance of family wellbeing. The health of you and your family is  at the centre of everything we do here. We care that the people in our local  Johnsonville community  can trust  our team of  local, knowledgable and passionate professionals  to  provide advice  and solutions  to help them live happy and live well.